Mural art on Aqua Serene

"I created Aqua Serene 25 years ago as an aquarium maintenance company. We quickly grew to 40 accounts. After 2 years we moved from my basement into a warehouse on Conger St. and started the fish pet shop. Because of our high quality products and service we continued to grow. A year later we opened our aquatic garden and pond maintenance department due to customer requests. After 3 years on Conger St. we moved to our present location 2836 W. 11th Ave. You will recognize us by the mural on the side of our building. This historic mural caused the City of Eugene to change their sign code ordinance allowing businesses to advertise their store through murals.

I have seen many changes in the aquatic industry in the last 10 years, many of them not good. With the advent of the Petcos and PetSmarts and the Internet, many people have tried to capitalize on the fish industry by imitating what they think a good pet shop would look like. They have brought the standards and quality of the hobby to a new low. Untrained employees, sick and diseased livestock, and lack of basic understanding of the hobby are some of the causes. The illusion of a low price is tempting. Lack of service and knowledge of the products make it more costly in the long term.

Please visit us at Aqua Serene, Eugene’s best kept secret, where we are raising the bar on retail. Enjoy the Aqua Serene experience!"

-- Irving Weiner