=image of saltwater tank filled with colorful coral

The most effective way to acclimate your new additions to your aquarium; whether its fish, corals, or invertebrates, is the “drip method”. You take a five gallon bucket (or a large Tupperware container; the deeper the better) and empty the whole bag into it, including the new critter. Set the bucket next to your aquarium. Then take a long piece of airline tubing with a gang valve (a valve that allows you to control the amount of water going through the tube) and create a siphon from your tank into the five gallon bucket. Adjust the gang valve to a slow trickle and let that sit for approximately one to two hours or until the amount of “new” water is two to three times the amount of bag water.


In the last 50 years the world of marine fish keeping has evolved from a belief you couldn't keep these fish alive in an aquarium, to being able to keep the most delicate species alive, and even breeding in captivity. Gone are the days of unethical fish collection practices, replaced by breeding facilities raising millions of fry who wouldn't survive naturally.

The process we use to select fish for sale is based on ability to survive, yet not grow too big for an aquarium.